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Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle at Michigan at the Fall

Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle at Michigan at the Fall

Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle at Michigan at the Fall

Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle in Michigan in the FallTogether with the change of seasons directing us to collapse, bicycle riders have new challenges awaiting them. Summer, with its long days and hot weather, be it difficult for motorcyclists to change in to collapse. Fall is distinguished by trees shedding leaves, shorter days, deer mating & migrating fog, and mist in the morning and day. With these in mind, let us take a look at the risks that confront motorcyclists in fall. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer in Moss & Colella will allow you to record a Michigan motorcycle insurance claim.

Leaves on the street

As mentioned previously, most trees drop their leaves in fall and this usually means that the streets will probably be covered with leaves. This may be a gorgeous sight, but it also spells risk for motorcyclists. Dry leaves may cover up potholes that may be harmful to get a rider driving at high rates. They are also able to cover up speed bumps and other road irregularities and this also usually means that passengers must be careful when riding during fall. Furthermore, fall may experience showers that result in wet leaves. These are usually slippery and aren’t easy to see, particularly in the colour.

Longer daylight

Changing from summertime, many riders were used to getting many hours in their hands to invest riding. But with autumn, riders need to deal with much less daylight. Typically, they’ll be masked with darkness whilst still on the streets. In cases like this, riders need to ensure the bulbs in their headlights are practical to assist when darkness comes calling. They also need to make sure that their brake lights are working and also their turn signals aren’t just functional but observable also. Motorcyclists also need to overlook equipment that is visible in the dark and made from reflective material in order to be observed by motorists.


Together with sunlight being reduced in its place in the skies, glare will be a problem with cyclists throughout the daytime, unless they’re headed north. Sun glare may affect the rider’s vision, which might make it hard to see traffic and pedestrians. After the sun is setting behind the rider, then it could be hard to use the side mirrors because the beams of sunlight reflect on them, blinding them at the procedure. Each one these might affect the driver’s judgment and response time.

Additionally, because the trees have few leaves, there’s certain to be random patterns of color and light, which may be a danger when riding since it’s fairly distracting. A Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer in our company can help direct you through submitting a claim and comprehension Michigan motorcycle statute of limitations.


Fall is migration and breeding period for your own deer with Michigan being no distinct. Because of this, the streets are most likely to be full of more deer. It follows that riders are more likely to collide with deer in this time period. Because of this, riders must be skeptical of deer, particularly at nighttime. Additionally, the streets may have carcasses of deer that have been struck by other drivers, which at night could be a danger as riders attempt to swerve to avoid running them over.

Cold tires

For riders whose bikes sport touring tires, this should not be a issue. This is only because those tires have been made for riding in cold weather because of their hard rubber compound. But for bicycles with wheels that are sporty, fall is a hazardous time to be riding. This is only because these tires generally have softer rubber. In the summertime, on account of the warm weather, they hold the road improved and this also provides them grip. Nonetheless, in fall, they’ll be difficult and this will lessen their traction.

Riding in the cold

Riding in the cold could be fatiguing and this may result in impairment like driving after a moderate alcohol consumption. Though the rider is dressed in proper gear that keeps them hot, the ambient temperatures will still have its impact on them. This manifests if you get rid of the feeling of riding, particularly when covering long distances. The rider is also unaware of how exhausted they might be. To counter this, make sure that you’re hydrated and that you cease frequently when traveling long distances.

Road surface coated with ice

Having a drop in temperatures, frosty mornings can lead to pavements with a coating of ice . This may result in a reduction in grip. In the day, riders must be careful of shaded places and crossing bridges because these tend to ice up very quickly. Furthermore, if you’re riding over high elevation regions, be skeptical of changing requirements.

Overall, riding at the autumn is a fantastic experience, particularly the very clear and crisp atmosphere and fall colours. With fewer leaves on trees, this also implies better visibility of this terrain which was originally covered by trees.

Should you or a family has been hurt in a motorcycle accident at Michigan and want a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer, our attorneys at Moss & Colella can let you to get the reimbursement you deserve.

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