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Eight Reasons For Michigan Motorcycle Accidents at 2018

Eight Reasons For Michigan Motorcycle Accidents at 2018

Eight Reasons For Michigan Motorcycle Accidents at 2018

Eight Causes of Michigan Motorcycle Accidents in 2018Motorcycle accidents can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal for all those involved. If you’re thinking about a bicycle ride on a Michigan freeway or via a town like Detroit, you must know about the various things that may let you have an crash. Becoming conscious of those things can allow you to be well prepared to prevent them, thereby preventing a possibly fatal motorcycle crash. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer in our company can help direct you on how to submit a Michigan motorcycle accident claim in case you or a loved one was recently hurt in a motorcycle crash. Don’t be afraid to telephone us, we’re always standing by to assist you.


Lane-splitting happens when a motorcyclist rides the middle line between 2 lanes. This practice is prohibited in the state of Michigan and can be highly dangerous. If you’re riding a bike, you need to make certain to steer clear of lane-splitting.

Shifting lanes in an unsafe way

When changing lanes while riding a bike, you need to make certain to pay careful attention to the other vehicles around. Be certain you indicate appropriately and you have loads of space when maneuvering into a different lane.

Not after posted speed limits

Speed limits exist for a reason: to make sure that all vehicles are driving in sync and at acceptable speeds. Speeding on a bike can be quite dangerous and may even be fatal. When riding a bike, you always need to take note of, and obedient to posted speed limits.

Making abrupt sparks

It’s dangerous to stop abruptly when on a bike because the vehicles around you might be unable to stop as fast as your bike. You always need to look out for possible areas where you might want to prevent and prepare yourself to make these stops by slowing down in this manner that guarantees other vehicles may come to a stop. A Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer will assist you to comprehend Michigan motorcycle claim time limits.

Unsafe road conditions

Potholes, structure, and freezing streets are only a couple of the dangers which can make a road or road to be harmful. You need to remain aware of and ready for, possible road hazards. Being ready is the best approach to making sure that you can have a safe bike ride.

Defective motorcycles

A bicycle that’s faulty or is in disrepair causes intense danger for you, since the rider. You need to always stay current with any possible flaws on your bike. It’s also vital to ensure you keep your bike in great working order. Taking these activities can help ensure your motorcycle does not break down in the midst of a journey, which might leave you cause a severe injury.

Accidents involving left turns

When riding a bike, it’s essential to be careful when making turns. That is because, so as to make the turn, you need to cross a lane of oncoming traffic. You must remain careful and thoroughly conscious of your environment when creating a turn into the left on a bike.

Car doors opening

if you’re riding a bike down a road where cars are parallel parked, you should keep an eye out for opening car doors. It’s essential to be cautious about a doorway opening since occasionally people leaving vehicles aren’t always able to view you when you approach, and they can unintentionally hit you with all the doorway.


The very first step to a secure bicycle ride would be to be aware of any possible dangers, and take the necessary measures to prevent these threats. In the unfortunate event that you own a motorcycle crash, you need to make certain to check into contacting among the personal injury lawyers at Moss & Colella. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer in our company will review your situation and help you decide some additional actions you need to take so as to engage in a situation.

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